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Facility Operating Costs Increase Despite Drop in Energy Consumption

According to a recent report by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), rising utility costs have led to increased overall operating costs even as energy consumption has dropped. The report, “Benchmarks V: Annual Facility Costs,” pulls data from over 1,000 survey responses from IFMA members.

Operating costs have risen 10% since 2004, according to the report, thanks in part to a 19% increase in utility costs since 2006 but despite a decrease in energy consumption; average electricity consumption dropped from 93 kBtu/ft2 (1,060 MJ/m2) in 2006 to 81 kBtu/ft2 (920 MJ/m2) in 2007. Natural gas consumption has remained constant at an average of 35 kBtu/ft2 (400 MJ/m2). According to IFMA, increases in energy costs have led to energy efficiency measures, decreasing consumption.

Costs tied to some environmental initiatives have also risen: for example, the cost of recycling doubled from $0.02/ft2 to $0.04/ft2 ($0.21/m2 to $0.43/m2) since 2004. The 2008 report (which does not include 2004–2005 data for comparison) is available for $120 at

Published June 27, 2008

Wendt, A. (2008, June 27). Facility Operating Costs Increase Despite Drop in Energy Consumption. Retrieved from

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