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Green Roof Industry Reports 80% Growth

The area of green roofs in the U.S. grew by 80%—from 27 acres (11 ha) to 49 acres (20 ha)—from 2004 to 2005, according to the nonprofit Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC). The area of green roofs in all of North America grew 72%—from 30 acres (12 ha) to 57 acres (23 ha). Chicago is leading the pack with a total of 183,000 ft2 (17,000 m2) of green roofs, more than 63,000 ft2 (5,800 m2)

more than runner-up Ottawa. The figures are based on a survey of GRHC corporate members, who were recently asked to report on their activities in both years. Because not all members returned surveys and because GRHC members do not represent the entire green roof industry, the figures are lower than the real area. (Chicago’s Department of Environment Commissioner Sadhu Johnston told

EBN that over 200 green roofs totaling 2.5 million ft2 [230,000 m2] are under construction in the city.) The full results are online at

Published May 3, 2006

Boehland, J. (2006, May 3). Green Roof Industry Reports 80% Growth. Retrieved from

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