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New College of California Offers EcoDwelling Concentration

New College of California now offers an EcoDwelling concentration at its North Bay campus for both Masters and Bachelors degree programs. Classes take place on selected weekends to allow those with other weekday obligations (such as work) to attend. The program is being led by Carol Venolia, an early pioneer in green building with her

Building With Nature newsletter, which we reviewed in our very first issue (EBN

Vol. 1, No. 1) and which ceased publication in 2000. New College is online at

Published January 1, 2006

Malin, N. (2006, January 1). New College of California Offers EcoDwelling Concentration. Retrieved from

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April 14, 2006 - 8:49 am

New College's North Bay Sustainability and Ecology program gave this green building professional a solid educational foundation. I was in just the secound group of students to run throught the new curriculum in 1998-99 - at that time Steve Beck an architect from Oregon was teaching eco dwelling and sustainable design studios that you could take in addition to the main curiculum. I took every class Steve offered and then added some design and construction course from other colleges and instutions in the bay area. The combination has served me very well. I am pleased to see that New College has formalized the sustainable design program and look forward to the influence the graduates will no doubt have.