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New Plastic Homes Released in UK

Ian McPherson, managing director for Affresol, stands with a pallet of plastic waste that will be transformed into load-bearing panels for one of the company’s TPR homes.

Photo: Huw Evans Picture Agency
A new line of recycled plastic homes has hit the market in the United Kingdom. Wales-based company Affresol has announced a low-cost, green housing option made from the company’s patented structural compound, Thermal Poly Rock (TPR). According to Affresol, TPR is a waterproof, fire- and rot-resistant material that contains mineral wastes, PVC, and other hard plastics that would not normally be recycled. The company also claims that the average TPR home contains 18 tons of recycled plastic and is completely recyclable at the end of its life, which is estimated at a minimum of 60 years.

The houses are considered a Code 5 on the UK’s Code for Sustainable Homes, a point-based rating system with a range of 1 through 6, where Code 6 is the most sustainable. With a pilot home already in place in Swansea, Wales, and a target audience of low-income families, Affresol expects to build 3,000 TPR homes before 2013. The company is also producing modular recycled plastic buildings to be used as classrooms, offices, and storage space. For more information visit

Published May 1, 2010

Bragonier, E. (2010, May 1). New Plastic Homes Released in UK. Retrieved from

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