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New Standard for Green Roof Membranes

The ASTM roofing and waterproofing committee is developing a new standard for green roofs:

Guide for Selection of Roofing/Waterproofing Membranes for Vegetative Roof Systems (ASTM WK29304). Task group leader Michael Sexton, a senior systems engineer at Firestone Building Products, told EBN, “[The standard] will combine requirements for both the vegetative system standards and the roofing and waterproofing standards that are commonly referred to in the industry.” Vegetative roof systems have gained popularity because of their environmental benefits—which include reducing the heat island effect and stormwater runoff—but the right membrane is essential to green roof performance. Membranes for green roofs must be waterproof and support the continued functioning of the vegetative roof system. In addition, says Sexton, appropriate membranes must withstand potential damage from “excessive roof traffic, membrane abrasion and impact, plant root penetration, ultraviolet damage, exterior fire, thermal shock, and wind events.” The ASTM standard will also require membranes to meet all applicable codes and industry testing standards.

Published September 29, 2010

Emily, C. (2010, September 29). New Standard for Green Roof Membranes. Retrieved from

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