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NYC Launches Lights Out New York

“Lights in the city are a fatal attraction for night-migrating birds,” says E.J. McAdams, executive director of NYC Audubon.

Photo: Charles Hofer/NYC Audubon
The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation—together with the New York Department of Buildings, NYC Audubon, the Real Estate Board of New York, and BOMA New York—has launched

Lights Out NY, a voluntary program designed to reduce the number of migrating birds killed by flying into city windows at night.

Lights Out NY encourages owners of tall buildings (40 stories or more) to turn off decorative lights on the upper stories from midnight until daylight through the end of October and asks tenants on upper floors to turn off lights or draw their blinds during the same time period. It also encourages owners of shorter buildings with extensive glass exteriors, especially those along the Hudson and East Rivers, to darken their buildings during that period. NYC Audubon estimates that 10,000 migratory birds, disoriented by lights, crash into New York City buildings during each fall and spring migratory season. Details about

Lights Out NY are online at For more information on bird collisions with buildings, see


Vol. 14, No. 8.

Published October 1, 2005

Boehland, J. (2005, October 1). NYC Launches Lights Out New York. Retrieved from

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