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Solargenix Cleared to Complete Nevada Solar One

The Public Utility Commission of Nevada recently approved Solargenix Energy’s amendments to power purchase agreements with Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, clearing the way for Solargenix to complete the development of Nevada Solar One, the third-largest solar power plant in the world and the largest solar-electric power plant to be built anywhere in the past 14 years. The 64-megawatt parabolic-trough plant will supply the energy needs of about 40,000 households. The plant, to be built near the Hoover Dam in Boulder City, is expected to begin operation in early 2007. More information about the development is at For more on Solargenix and parabolic-trough collectors, see

EBNVol. 13, No. 5.

Published December 1, 2005

Boehland, J. (2005, December 1). Solargenix Cleared to Complete Nevada Solar One. Retrieved from

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