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Websites Explain Energy Tax Incentives

The existence of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) is well known; the fact that it was extended through 2008 might also sound familiar; the financial and environmental opportunities that the Act, and other policies, create for builders, homeowners, and commercial building owners, however, are less understood. The following websites offer a variety of information.

The Tax Incentives Assistance Project categorizes federal and state tax incentives according to whom they benefit—consumers, businesses, and builders or manufacturers—and then further categorizes information on the incentives according to context, such as commercial buildings. ▪ www.energytaxincentives.orgThe Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) offers a list of incentives and clear, detailed information for renewables and efficiency incentives by state. ▪ www.dsireusa.orgThe U.S. Department of Energy website explains what EPAct means for individuals and businesses, breaking it down according to product category, product type, and the relative tax credit. ▪ Energy Star website includes a comprehensive chart of EPAct, specifying its relative tax credits according to product category and product type. It includes links to the proper tax forms as well as to information from product manufacturers. ▪ IRS offers a website for homebuilders who can qualify for the Energy Efficient Home Credit through the end of 2008. ▪,,id=154657,00.htmlAn IRS website for commercial property owners and leaseholders discusses who can qualify for energy efficiency tax deductions through the end of 2008. ▪,,id=160505,00.htmlAn IRS website for homeowners addresses energy credits for energy-conscious purchases made through 2007. ▪,,id=154658,00.html

Published September 28, 2007

Rachel, N. (2007, September 28). Websites Explain Energy Tax Incentives. Retrieved from

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