On the Virtues of Clay Pipe

On the Virtues of Clay Pipe

Your article titled “Should We Phase Out PVC?” was a breath of fresh air. You assumed an impartial role and presented the available information without misrepresentation, innuendo or distortion. The fact that PVC can be hazardous during its manufacture and disposal should be of concern to your readers.

Although clay pipe is an older material, it possesses several qualities that make it environmentally friendly even in today’s world. It is made of an abundant natural resource, in a vitrification state it is completely inert, its physical properties do not change with time and it requires less energy to manufacture than sewer pipe materials produced from chemical feedstocks. Admittedly, other materials may be less expensive and perhaps easier to handle, but, when it comes to performance, few materials can approach the track record of clay pipe. Environmentally speaking, clay pipe is a problem solver, not a problem maker.

Edward J. Sikora, Vice President

National Clay Pipe Institute

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Published March 1, 1994

(1994, March 1). On the Virtues of Clay Pipe. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/op-ed/virtues-clay-pipe

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