Product Guide


The best products...

  • Meet CDPH Standard Method emissions requirements
  • Are made from natural stone and are certified to ANSI/NSC 373 and/or C2C Silver or higher
  • Are composite surfaces that contain 100% post-consumer-recycled content or FSC-certified content
  • Are glass composites with high recycled content and no epoxy
  • Are sintered stone, especially those with no silica content
  • Are FSC-certified wood, sustainably reclaimed wood, or made of rapidly renewable bamboo

But watch out for...

  • Composite products or coatings that contain epoxy
  • Products that do not meet the durability requirements of the application
  • Products that use per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) surface treatments
  • Engineered stone and other stone with high quartz content that are produced or installed without special health-and-safety precautions
  • Stone and engineered stone from nations or regions with a high risk of forced labor
  • Any product containing or coated with antimicrobial treatments