Product Guide

Outdoor Lighting

The best products...

  • May be LED lighting that meets the performance metrics of the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) LUNA Technical Requirements v1.0
  • May meet International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)/Illuminating Engineering Society’s TM-15 requirements for backlight, uplight, and glare (BUG)
  • Should operate at 105 lumens per watt (lpw) or higher
  • Should have color temperatures of 3000K or lower
  • For both lighting and poles: when possible, should be certified Cradle to Cradle Silver v3.1 or higher, or have a third-party-verified Declare Red List Free label

But watch out for...

  • Sodium vapor lighting
  • Cold blue lighting with color temperatures above 3000K
  • Outdoor lighting with efficacies lower than 105 lumens per watt (lpw)
  • Lighting that does not meet the Illuminating Engineering Society’s TM-37-21 criteria for glare, uplight, light trespass, and other performance metrics
  • Poor-quality light
  • Poor lighting controls