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180 Walls Sets New Standard for Green Wallcovering

As a fabric wallcovering that is cost-competitive with high-end vinyl wallcoverings, 180 Walls could be especially effective in cooling climates like Florida’s. In those climates hot, humid outside air can condense and become trapped against the back of impervious wallcoverings like vinyl that are cooled by indoor air conditioning. With a perm rating of 25 (1,400 ng/Pa·sec·m2), 180 Walls allows enough moisture to pass through to minimize the risk of mold growth. The addition of zinc pyrithione to the adhesive backing further discourages mold. Both this antimicrobial aid and Milliken’s proprietary StainSmart® finish on the fabric were screened for environmental and toxicity concerns and found safe enough for 180 Walls to be rated Silver in McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry’s Cradle-to-Cradle program. As further evidence of the product’s sustainability, all 180 Walls fabrics are manufactured at Milliken’s ISO 14001-certified facilities.

The water-based emulsion polymer adhesive on the back of 180 Walls is guaranteed for at least five years, and the company claims it will hold much longer when installed properly on primed drywall. This integral adhesive makes it feasible to install the product in occupied spaces with minimal disruption. It can also be easily removed for repair or replacement without damaging the fabric or leaving a residue on the wall surface. “What I love about it is that there is not much mess, and minimal tools are required,” reported Robert Ross of Wallcoverings Limited in Greenville, South Carolina. Milliken’s claim to 180 Walls’ minimal indoor emissions is supported by a third-party certification under the stringent Greenguard Children and Schools standard (see

Published January 2, 2007

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