Product Review

3form Takes Recycled Content to 100 Percent

As it has with Varia, 3form does not dictate, or even propose, much by way of specific uses for 100 Percent—preferring to leave the creativity up to the designers. One obvious choice is restroom partitions, where it would compete with other recycled-plastic materials in the market. Other suggestions include worksurfaces and interior or exterior trim. “It’s our toughest material from an impact standpoint,” noted John Wilham, 3form’s chief technology officer, suggesting that it is appropriate for high-abuse applications such as schools.

Because 100 Percent is so new, it has yet to be installed on an actual project. While the specification sheet on 100 Percent indicates that it is not appropriate for outdoor installations for lack of ultraviolet (UV) protection, that is changing. “We are adding UV stabilizers on the next production round,” Wilham told

Published September 28, 2006

Malin, N. (2006, September 28). 3form Takes Recycled Content to 100 Percent. Retrieved from