Product Review

An Adjustable Cladding System with Thermal Breaks

CL-Talon provides a cladding system that can incorporate up to ten inches of insulation and comes with thermal breaks and easy-to-adjust framing.

Thermal bridging, where thermal energy finds pathways from the outdoors through the building envelope, is the Achilles’ heel of rainscreen systems. The reason: exterior cladding has to be mounted to the building, and this typically requires clips or screws that have to pass through the insulation. The clips not only create a thermal bridge to the building’s structure, but they are also a hassle for the contractors who have to cut the insulation around the clips.

There are cladding systems available that manage this thermal bridging, including two BuildingGreen Top 10 Product winners, CI-Girt from Knight Wall Systems and Cascadia Clip from Cascadia Windows and Doors, but CL-Talon 300 has engineered an exterior cladding system that improves thermal performance while simplifying installation across a variety of insulation types.

Published August 6, 2019

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