Product Review

Building a Better Building Block-Pozzotive Plus

Rather than simply accepting that rejection and moving on to a more promising client, Grasso looked at his company’s product and set out to reinvent it. Six years later he introduced Pozzotive Plus, a line of CMUs and concrete facing brick that breaks new ground in the use of recycled materials.

Grasso developed a pozzolan (a material, such as fly ash, that exhibits cementitious properties when combined with calcium hydroxide) from 100% recycled glass. The glass, which can be of any color or type (from beverage glass to window glass), is ground in a multi-step process to an extremely fine powder (10–15 microns). In this form, the material (with the trade name Pozzotive) can be substituted for 30% of the portland cement in the CMU and concrete brick formulas.

Published October 30, 2009

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