Product Review

Clean Concrete-and Air-with TX Active

The remarkable ability of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to refract, or bend, light makes the substance suitable for myriad applications, including pigment in paint, paper, plastics, cosmetics, and food; a light-blocking ingredient in sunscreen; and a UV-reflector in applications including ceramics and glass. In addition, some TiO2 molecules in a material release an electrical charge at the material’s surface upon absorbing sunlight. That charge forms highly reactive radicals that oxidize nearby compounds, including organic and some inorganic substances. This photocatalytic reaction occurs without degrading or “using up” the TiO2.

TX Active, a line of concrete products from Essroc, harnesses both TiO2’s pigmentation and photocatalytic properties. TX Arca is Essroc’s “architectural line” of cement products, offering a bright white, self-cleaning surface. TX Aria, the “environmental line,” is specially formulated to remove pollution from the surrounding air in addition to offering a white surface. Both are available in a variety of products, including precast architectural panels, pavers, and cementitious plaster.

Published May 1, 2007

Roberts, T. (2007, May 1). Clean Concrete-and Air-with TX Active. Retrieved from