Product Review

Convia's Energy-Management Platform

Power for the system is supplied under raised floors via movable wiring components called whips, which can be moved as building use changes. (A simpler, more flexible overhead version of the system is also available through Herman Miller.) Modular sensor interfaces and fully dimmable switches simplify the installation and programming of occupancy and lighting sensors and other “plug-and-play” devices.

Each device has an address that is recognized by the system’s software, so they can be controlled individually or linked together to form zones, such as an array of lights. The zones can be connected to mechanical systems, daylighting, or other controls to form “scenes,” in which lighting and temperature are preprogrammed depending on the needs of the space. This allows a single switch to control the entire environment of a conference room, entryway, or office floor.

Published June 30, 2009

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