Product Review

EasyRiser Engineered Stair Stringer

The EasyRiser has a triangular piece of 2x6 sandwiched between two trapezoidal-shaped pieces of 3⁄8” (10 mm) oriented-strand board (OSB). The stringers (usually 2x6s, but sometimes 2x8s or larger for large spans) are laid out with a framing square as shown in the photo. The EasyRiser components are slid onto the stringers and screwed or nailed into place from both sides using 15⁄8” (41 mm) drywall screws or comparable fasteners. The risers can be pivoted as needed prior to fastening, depending on stair pitch, riser height, and tread width. Premarked tread measurements range from 9” (230 mm) to 11” (280 mm), but deeper treads can be produced, as long as an enough purchase is provided for screwing the EasyRisers into the 2x6 stringer.

For exterior applications, the company provides EasyRisers made from pressure-treated lumber and marine-grade plywood. For environmental reasons, the company goes to considerable effort to have these components pressure-treated with ACQ Preserve, a less toxic preservative alternative to CCA (see

Published February 1, 1998

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