Product Review

Faucets That Combat Infection Without Wasting Water

New technology from Rada helps prevent life-threatening Legionella and other pathogens from growing in pipes and faucets—a big problem in healthcare.

Camera opens on a brightly lit cancer ward at a veterans’ hospital in Pittsburgh. An assistant turns on the water so a doctor can wash her hands. Camera follows the tap water upstream, into the faucet and the hospital’s plumbing system, where a sinister slime creature clings to the walls of the pipes. As the creature laughs maniacally, microscopic bits of its body break off and are carried up the pipe. The camera follows these back down the faucet to the doctor’s hands, then follows the doctor to the bedside of a veteran who is dying of pneumonia. The family is gathered around, weeping, as the heart monitor flatlines.

This isn’t a B movie. It’s a documentary.

Published December 1, 2014

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