Product Review

Game-Changing Products from Greenbuild 2016

USGBC’s 2016 expo showcased innovative products, including building-integrated ERV and an industry-first PV solar water heater.

This year’s Greenbuild expo had a surprising number of interesting products, so many in fact that we couldn’t fit them all into our first Tour of Cool Products from Greenbuild 2016. Well, we have saved some of the best for last. This month we look at a new solar water heater, super-efficient photovoltaic panels, a new cellular glass insulation, and an innovative energy recovery system that might just change commercial HVAC.

AirFlow Panels

AirFlow Panels are building-integrated energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) that can be installed in curtain walls or rainscreens, and are one of the most innovative products I’ve seen at Greenbuild in years. The 3' x 5' x 10" panels install in the exterior wall, and manage energy and moisture while exchanging 200 cubic feet of air per minute. They also offer R-17 insulation for the entire panel, according to the manufacturer.

Published December 5, 2016

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