Product Review

Heat-Pump Energy Recovery Ventilation Gets an Update

Build Equinox and Minotair Ventilation Inc. (MVI) have updated their heat-pump-based energy recovery ventilation systems, providing better control of humidity, heating, and cooling in a smaller footprint.

Balancing indoor air quality and energy consumption in ventilation is no easy task. Bringing in fresh air keeps us healthy and alert, but heating, cooling, and adjusting its humidity (also known as conditioning the air) requires energy, and much of that energy is lost when stale air is vented.

The Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator (CERV) from Build Equinox and the Boreal 12000 from Minotair Ventilation Inc. (MVI) are engineered to maximize the energy efficiency of indoor/outdoor air exchanges by conditioning fresh air using air-source heat pumps—effectively heating, cooling, and even dehumidifying incoming air while capturing energy from the outgoing/incoming airstreams. Engineered primarily for residential use (and potentially multifamily), these innovative systems have been available since 2014, but are being updated for fall 2017 to improve performance and simplify installation.

Published August 2, 2017

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