Product Review

Innovation in Urinals from Caroma

The Cube3 Ultra urinal consumes just one-eighth of a gallon (0.5 liters) per flush. Its Smart Demand integrated logic system detects usage, rather than motion, to activate the flush. “This is the first liquid-sensing automatic flushing mechanism in a urinal,” according to Derek Kirkpatrick, manager of Caroma USA. The technology eliminates accidental flushing due to movement in front of the urinal. The liquid-detecting sensor is concealed in the drain of the urinal, reducing risk of damage during cleaning. In addition to the water-conserving flush mechanism, the Cube3 Ultra has a double-glazed vitreous china surface—standard on all Caroma urinals—that provides a high sheen, aids cleanability, and reduces staining.

Caroma introduced the Cube3 Ultra urinal in 2005 in Australia, where thousands have been installed, according to Kirkpatrick. The first North American installation was in early 2007 in the 16-story, LEED-registered Molasky Corporate Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has 29 of the urinals.

Published October 30, 2007

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