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Lead and Asbestos--the Encapsulation Option

Asbestos fibers and lead are two very different materials that happen to have a few things in common: they are both health hazards, both were used extensively in buildings, and both have spawned whole industries for their management and removal. Now there’s another commonality: in the right circumstances, both can be managed in place by encapsulation with products from Global Encasement, Inc.

When dealing with lead or asbestos hazards, many factors figure into the decision about whether to remove the material or manage it in place. Done right, removal is the more permanent solution, but it can be very expensive and can increase the risk to workers and occupants while work is in progress. If the hazardous material is in good condition, just monitoring it is usually an option. When abatement measures are called for, most federal regulations accept coating with a product rated to last at least 20 years as an alternative to removal. A handful of products meet the federal standards (for lead, it’s the newly adopted ASTM E-1796).

Among the best-reviewed in the industry are the LeadLock™ and AsbestoSafe™ product lines from Global Encasement.

Published November 1, 1996

(1996, November 1). Lead and Asbestos--the Encapsulation Option. Retrieved from