Product Review

LightLouver Offers Low-Profile Alternative to Light Shelves

The LightLouver units look a bit like shiny dampers, but the louvers themselves are fixed, not operable. The units are not designed to go into windows that provide a view, because the louvers would block that view. Instead, they are installed, like lightshelves, on daylight glazing high on a wall. The units pivot inward so that the glass and the louvers can be cleaned, but the finish on the louvers is delicate and oils from skin would attract dirt, so they should be handled only with cotton gloves. The company is working on a new product—insulated glazing units with integrated LightLouvers—in which the delicate reflective surfaces would be protected from dust and damage.

Published February 1, 2007

Malin, N. (2007, February 1). LightLouver Offers Low-Profile Alternative to Light Shelves. Retrieved from