Product Review

Liquid Linoleum: Seamless Natural Flooring

Linoleum’s natural ingredients often make it the best resilient flooring option. Corques Liquid Linoleum is a fluid-applied version for seamless applications.

Linoleum is regarded as one of the most sustainable options for resilient flooring, and for good reasons. It’s made from natural materials—typically a combination of linseed oil, pine rosin, wood dust, cork, limestone, and colorants attached to a jute backing. And linoleum is a versatile flooring that has been manufactured in some form for more than 150 years. It is available in sheets or tiles in a variety of colors and is a proven product with a long service record. How can you possibly improve linoleum?

Duracryl International is out to do just that with the introduction of a fluid-applied version of linoleum called Corques Liquid Lino (CLL). CLL has the potential to significantly speed the installation time of linoleum flooring, without the use of adhesives. And it can create a seamless floor, making it a good choice for applications that typically use more environmentally problematic products such as vinyl or epoxy.

Published October 7, 2019

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