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Nail Kicker Aids Wood Reuse

According to Reconnx, the Nail Kicker is similar in size, weight, and air requirements to a standard, mid-sized nail gun. The new version is more reliable than the previous version, said Kane. “We really got the engineering down, and wear and tear is far less,” she said, though cautioning that, as with all air tools, regular maintenance, including oiling, is critical to durability. Erich Kruger of ReNew Building Materials & Salvage of Brattleboro, Vermont, agreed, and noted the importance of proper hearing and eye protection and a dedicated work area for denailing. Kruger said that while the removal of nails from dimensional lumber can require multiple “hits” from the Nail Kicker and is sometimes a two-step process with a pry bar, the tool is particularly effective with plywood and tongue-and-groove flooring. “Nails fly right out,” he told

EBN. The tool offers huge potential savings for salvage operations and even for routine construction; according to Reconnx, 11% of new wood is discarded each year, often due to misnailing or the temporary use of wood for braces or forms that leaves it full of nails.

Published August 29, 2006

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