Product Review

New Demand Water Heater from Rinnai

First, it is designed for exterior mounting, which keeps all combustion outdoors, eliminating risk of combustion gas spillage and saving valuable indoor space. Second, it is one of the few gas-fired demand water heaters with electronic ignition instead of a pilot light —one of the features that enables it to achieve its high 82% AFUE efficiency (the Targa had higher efficiency, but it is not currently available). Third, it has a unique computer-controlled, modulating-valve burner that delivers 19,000 to 180,000 Btus/hour (5,600–53,000 j/s) in 13 increments according to inlet water temperature and hot water demand. Fourth, it offers a high degree of controllability, with up to three point-of-use digital controllers per water heater and the potential of getting different temperature water in different locations—for example, higher in the kitchen or laundry room than in bathrooms. Fifth, it is designed for both durability and repairability—the heat exchanger carries a 10-year warranty, all other parts are covered for 5 years—and all components are designed for easy replacement, according to Technical Service Manager Gary Williams.

Published February 1, 2000

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