Product Review

No More Condensation on Chilled Beams

Semco’s Neuton pump module could simplify installation of chilled beams, eliminate condensation problems, and provide improved zone control.

Active chilled beams (ACB) are energy efficient, provide fresh air, and are compact enough that they work well in retrofits or buildings with lower ceiling heights—potentially lowering construction costs (see Active Chilled Beams: Saving Energy and Space). These ceiling-mounted hydronic HVAC systems, while common in Europe and not new in the U.S., are not as ubiquitous as other types of HVAC systems, in part due to concerns about installation costs and condensation. But they are growing in popularity in North America, particularly in education and office settings.

Semco’s Neuton controllable chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) was engineered to simplify chilled beam installation and reduce the chance of condensation. First introduced in 2015, the product already has an update; the 2017 Neuton Multiple Single Zone pump controller improves upon the original by adding HVAC control of small rooms or zones.

Published February 7, 2017

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