Product Review

Preform Office Workstation Systems

Preform Manufacturing, Inc. is the U.S. division of the German-based Preform Group, one of the largest European manufacturers of office privacy systems. Rather than using a core of compressed mineral fiber, the Classic Panel and Decato product lines from Preform are made from innovative recycled materials. While Preform products are currently manufactured in Europe, U.S. production is planned for the future.

About 16 years ago, as U.S. Sales Manager Eugene Lisa tells the story, company founder Rudolf Miller decided he wanted to use something besides the industry-standard mineral fiber cores, due to health concerns about the fibers. Miller instructed his staff to find something better, but they came back empty-handed. “Then I guess we’ll just have to invent something,” Miller told his staff. After six or seven years of development, the company came up with a unique foamed gypsum material made from flue-gas desulfurization (synthetic) gypsum. This core material was introduced about 10 years ago in Europe.

Published December 1, 2002

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