Product Review

Prize-Winning LED Outdoor Area Light

EBN’s recent feature article, “LEDs: The Future Is Here,” we covered the long lifespan and impressive energy efficiency of LED lighting while also discussing the challenges LEDs still pose. LEDs are particularly strong in outdoor area lighting, however, an area where LED luminaires such as EvoLucia Lighting’s SCH Cobra Head provide energy savings and may even provide superior light quality over alternatives.

Outdoor LED area lighting is used primarily for safety and security on parking lots and walkways. Its most common competitors are high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH), but HPS with its orange glow is falling out of favor, while LEDs are gaining market share. Quality LED luminaires can provide a more efficacious, directed, uniform light, capable of being controlled by dimmers and motion detectors, which is important because these lights are on continuously night after night. The energy required to run these lights can be close to a third of a building’s electrical lighting load, according to Nancy Clanton, founder of the lighting design firm Clanton & Associates.

Published December 27, 2011

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