Product Review

PVC-Free Sun-Control Textile with No Halogenated Flame Retardants

Mermet offers a fiberglass textile for interior rollershades that has good performance and material transparency.

In December’s issue, we covered new products that manufacturers released at Greenbuild, but we’ve saved another for this month—Mermet’s GreenScreen Nature sun-control textile. Manufactured by the company’s affiliate in France, Nature is available in roller shades from Draper, Hunter Douglas, and Lutron, and is part of Mermet’s GreenScreen line of textiles. This line also includes Evolve and Revive post-consumer plastic textiles. But unlike others in this line, Nature is made from 100% fiberglass and has some unique environmental and performance benefits.

Why fiberglass?

Though there are several sustainable textiles used for interior sun control, Nature is made from uncoated fiberglass, which is recyclable and inherently resistant to bacteria, fungi, and fire. Nature:

Published February 4, 2019

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