Product Review

PVC-Free Wall and Corner Guards

® in 1969 and since then has developed a wide range of wall, corner, and door guards. In 2002, one of Acrovyn’s biggest customers—Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest health maintenance organization—announced that it would begin requiring PVC-free building and finish materials for its new construction projects. As a result, the C/S Group’s Wall Protection Division recently introduced Acrovyn 3000, a wall-protection line featuring a patented, non-PVC, extruded ABS/polycarbonate thermoplastic containing no phthalate plasticizers and no dioxins or furan formers. It also achieves a Class 1 fire rating without the use of brominated or halogenated flame retardants, and, though C/S claims that it is a locally recyclable material, the company also offers a buy-back program.

The performance and appearance of the PVC-free plastic are the same as traditional Acrovyn PVC plastic. The PVC-free line costs 3–10% more.

Published January 1, 2005

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