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Sloan Uppercut Dual-Flush Flushometer Valve

In addition to the complete Uppercut flushometer, Sloan offers an Uppercut dual-flush handle retrofit kit that can be fitted onto the company’s Royal®, Regal®, and Crown® II, and other similar-style manual flushometer valves. When retrofitted onto a conventional flushometer, the water savings is 30%, so on an older toilet that uses 3.5 gallons per flush (13 lpf), the savings is approximately one gallon (4 liters) per flush. Flush performance at the reduced flush volume will be best, according to Jim Allen, water conservation manager at Sloan, with a “late-generation, 1.6 gallon-flush bowl.”
The handle has an antimicrobial coating for protection against germs. It is a metallic (silver-ion) coating rather than a chemical coating that will come off over time or that could contaminate users. 
To aid in educating users, the Uppercut flushvalve handle is a distinctive green color and is shipped with two explanatory plaques to place near the toilet. The company is also producing a memo describing the importance of water conservation and explaining the dual-flush technology; the idea is for the memo to be downloaded from the Sloan website and circulated within a company when Uppercut flushvalves are installed.
The cost of the retrofit kit is about $30, according to Allen (pricing varies by volume and the sales channel). When purchased as a complete system, the Uppercut costs about $20 more than a standard valve.
To increase the chances of proper usage, the company recommends roughing-in the Uppercut flush valve 36" (90 cm) above the flow, which is higher than normal. According to Allen, this will make users less likely to flush the toilet by kicking the flushvalve—which is a common practice. The product is designed to function with this abuse, however; if it gets kicked in the up direction, it will flush at the lower volume.
While just introduced in August 2005, the Uppercut flushometer valve has been field-tested for about four months, according to Allen, who has been pleased with the performance.

EBN reached several very satisfied users at facilities where the Uppercut flush valves have been installed. “This is a very easy, low-cost retrofit to save a significant amount of water,” according to Ken Peintka, chief operating officer at Planning Design Build in Madison, Wisconsin. “It’s kind of a no brainer.” Monique Faber, a plumbing engineer at the same company, told

Published September 1, 2005

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