Product Review

Solarwall--Simple and Effective Solar Heating

transpired solar collector, Solarwall has initially been targeted towards large commercial and industrial buildings, especially those with high-volume ventilation requirements. As the system has proven itself in field-tests, however, it is looking attractive for more and more building types.

Solarwall is a thin, dark-colored aluminum or galvanized steel cladding perforated by tiny holes, enclosing a plenum between the cladding and the building skin (see figure). Air drawn through the 1⁄32” (0.8 mm) holes is heated by the metal before entering the ductwork of the building’s ventilation system. On a sunny day, a Solarwall can preheat air by 30°F to 54°F (17°C to 30°C). The same system is now being used for crop drying in the Far East

Published January 1, 1996

(1996, January 1). Solarwall--Simple and Effective Solar Heating. Retrieved from