Product Review

Soltecture Offers Option for Photovoltaic Facades

The Corium system consists of Soltecture’s Linion L laminated copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) rigid thin-film PV panel adhered to an aluminum “cassette.” The cassette is then attached to the building’s cladding system to give the frameless Linion L panel the appearance of black architectural glass. CIGS panels work better than crystalline PV at low sun angles—which is useful in maximizing the benefit of vertically mounted BIPV. Boris von Bormann, Soltecture’s director of sales for North America, claims that the company’s 100-watt modules have efficiencies of around 12.5%–13.0%, with 14.5% expected later this year. Soltecture received UL approval for its modules in October 2011 but does not have UL approval for its mounting system.

Steven Strong, president of Solar Design Associates in Massachusetts, says implementing BIPV in the U.S. is a significant challenge because of UL requirements. “The national electrical code requires that all PV components, especially modules, need to be listed to UL 1703,” said Strong. Standards in Europe, Japan, and China certify the

Published February 2, 2012

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