Product Review

Tinting on Demand with SageGlass

With SageGlass, the transmittance properties of the glazing can be switched from clear to a dark Prussian blue tint with the push of a button. SageGlass isn’t the first dynamic glazing to enter the market. Taliq Corporation, for example, developed an interior electrochromic glazing system that could be switched from clear to opaque (primarily for privacy in interior conference rooms), but the cost was high and the market limited, eventually putting the company out of business. A number of other manufacturers developed dynamic electrochromic glazings for exterior fenestration, but these efforts, like Taliq’s, relied on organic electrochromic layers and have failed.

Sage Electrochromics, which began working on dynamic glazing in 1990, is the sole manufacturer of a tintable exterior glazing product for buildings today. (Electrochromic glazing is currently available on at least one automobile—a Ferrari.) The company rolled out its first commercial product on a very limited basis in 2003 with skylight manufacturer Velux® America, Inc., and significantly ramped up production in February 2006; the company now has partnerships with about a dozen window, skylight, and curtainwall manufacturers.

Published June 7, 2006

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