Product Review

Unique American Teak Offers FSC-Certified Flooring

Teak is attractive as a flooring material in part because of its dimensional stability. Interior design consultant Anita Spofford, of Tampa, Florida, used the product throughout her own beach house. “I selected the teak because, in a coastal application, you have to be concerned about the wood expanding and contracting,” Spofford explained. The only other wood floors that would have been stable enough are layered, engineered wood products, but Spofford wanted a solid wood product for its long-term value. With the flooring now installed, Spofford said she is totally satisfied with the product and the service and is hoping to use it on future projects.

Unique American Teak offers solid wood flooring in 2 1⁄4” strips, 3 1⁄4” planks, and 4 3⁄4” planks (57 mm, 83 mm, and 120 mm). The prefinished flooring is 5⁄8” (16 mm) thick, and ranges in length from 12” (300 mm) to 48” (1200 mm). It sells for about $5/ft2 ($17/m2). In addition to the flooring, Sjolund expects to begin importing teak dimensional lumber for outdoor uses soon. “Some plantations that were planted in the 1980s are starting to be harvested now,” Sjolund told

Published September 28, 2006

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