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EPDs Will Change How We Build—But Slowly (Executive Summary)

Are EPDs actually going to have an impact on sustainable design and construction practices? Eventually. Just don’t get caught up in the hype.

EPDs represent a radical transformation for the building industry, and LEED v4 has jump-started that transformation.

An environmental product declaration, or EPD, consists of life-cycle assessment information summarized and repackaged into a shorter, more accessible document. It is formally known as a “Type III Environmental Product Declaration.”

Published August 3, 2015

Melton, P., Ehrlich, B., & Fichman, A. (2015, August 3). EPDs Will Change How We Build—But Slowly (Executive Summary). Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/feature-shorts/epds-will-change-how-we-build-slowly-executive-summary