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Three Imperatives to Create the Future of Green Building

The industry will be in a better place a decade from now if we master these skills.

From its inception, the Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability was aiming for net-negative environmental impacts from construction and operation. Such goals require systems thinking and an integrative process that involves everyone from owners to subcontractors to building operators and occupants.

Photo: Martin Tessler / Courtesy: Perkins+Will

What should the state of green building be ten years from now?

Whether your vision is for net-zero-energy buildings, communities that are integrated with their natural environments, or healthy living and working environments for everyone, there are some basic skills the industry has to master for that kind of goal to be realized.

As part of a report prepared for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), BuildingGreen and others conducted interviews with key players representing a wide range of building-related workforce sectors throughout North America. These conversations revealed a number of common wishes; focusing on the U.S. and Canada, we take an in-depth look at three of them here: cross-disciplinary skills, ecological thinking, and financial literacy.

Published June 3, 2013

Weaver, E. (2013, June 3). Three Imperatives to Create the Future of Green Building. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/feature/three-imperatives-create-future-green-building