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Beyond Living Buildings: ILFI Expands Scope to Food, Products, Communities

With new program announcements, the International Living Future Institute and its Living Building Challenge continue to drive innovation and transformation.

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) announced a number of new programs at its May 2014 Living Future conference. ILFI is best known for its rigorous Living Building Challenge (LBC), but even as ILFI signs up more projects for the LBC, with just over 200 projects currently registered, the organization is pushing the envelope by expanding its scope.

Broadening the scope of “Living Future”

Most broadly, ILFI founder and CEO Jason McLennan announced the Living Future Challenge, which will expand beyond buildings to address all industries and scales, according to McLennan. It will be an umbrella program that houses not only LBC but also various new programs to be rolled out over the next few years: Living Communities, Living Products, Living Enterprises, Living Lifestyles, and Living Food.

Published June 4, 2014

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