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Living Product Challenge Logs First Certifications

Though only a year old, LPC has its first two entry-level certifications: Owens Corning insulation and Sirewall rammed earth.

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) has announced the first two building products certified under the requirements of its Living Product Challenge (LPC). The products—fiberglass insulation and a rammed earth system—each earned Living Product Imperative Certification at ILFI’s May 2016 Living Future conference in Seattle.

Like its better-known cousin, the Living Building Challenge, the LPC sets the bar so high that it almost seems unattainable. A fully certified product would be net-positive in its impact throughout its life cycle, be fully transparent with material health and other data, and meet other requirements, such as affordability (see Can Products Do More Good Than Harm?). LPC consists of 20 specific requirements (or “Imperatives”) under seven categories (“Petals”).  Imperative certification requires meeting at least seven of the 20 imperatives, including four core imperatives. Petal Certification is a higher level that requires meeting three petals, including one of the most challenging petals: Energy, Water, or Materials. 

Published June 6, 2016

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