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Green Globes Board Member Quits Over ANSI Claims

A disgruntled technical committee member suggests the new Green Globes tool has not gone through the consensus process, a claim GBI rebuts.

Skirmishes over the validity of major green building rating systems continue, even as the federal government recognizes Green Globes as on par with LEED. A board member of the Green Building Initiative (GBI), the group behind Green Globes, has quit over frustrations that Green Globes isn’t meeting its potential. Harvey Bryan, Ph.D., FAIA, a professor at Arizona State University, has alleged that the newest version of the Green Globes tool contains questionable energy-performance goals and does not align with the associated ANSI standard, GBI/ANSI 01-2010 (see “Green Globes May Be an ANSI Standard At Last”), despite the ANSI process being used as a selling point for the tool.

Published December 2, 2013

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