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ANSI to Pilot Greenwash-Busting Eco-Label Program

An ANSI accreditation program is meant to help users determine which certification bodies and green labels are legit.

Under the pilot program, a labeling scheme is eligible for Type I certification if it complies with a suite of standards demonstrating conformance with international environmental declaration standards and assessment standards. Certification bodies have separate requirements, which align with ISO/IEC 17065 – “Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services.”

Although the program is a label for a label—potentially introducing more complexity into a confusing environment—ANSI-led accreditations have become a widely used method for verifying environmental claims, and the new program may offer a standardized way to compare eco-labels as well as the governing bodies that issue the labels.


Published April 2, 2014

Melton, C. (2014, April 2). ANSI to Pilot Greenwash-Busting Eco-Label Program. Retrieved from

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