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New Thinkstep Launchpad for Sustainability Apps Bolstered by LCA Data

Rebranded as thinkstep, the life-cycle assessment firm PE International promises a new platform to integrate product data and more.

Life-cycle assessments. Corporate sustainability reporting. Supply-chain tracking. While the datasets underlying these tools have the potential to bridge products, companies, and buildings, they’ve always been siloed. That has increased expenses for companies and confusion for the green building community. PE International is looking to change that.

Going 100% lowercase, the company has changed its name to thinkstep and has rolled out an integrated sustainability platform, called, that “brings together all of the company’s intellectual property” in one place, according to a press release. “It’s like iTunes for sustainability,” quipped Heather Gadonniex, director of sustainable design and construction at thinkstep, in an interview with BuildingGreen.

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