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Stramit USA Closes Down

Stramit USA, of Perryton, Texas, has ceased operations. After less than a year of production but several years of start-up, the plant has shut down. Stramit began production in the spring of 1995, producing 21⁄4”-thick (57 mm) compressed-straw, paper-faced panels for use as interior partition walls. The panels can be substituted for a 2x4 frame wall and both layers of drywall. Because they are produced from agricultural waste fiber and replace materials produced from virgin resources, they are environmentally attractive. The

EBN staff partitioned off a storage room using six 4’ x 9’ (1.2 x 2.7 m) panels and was generally pleased with their performance (see

Published May 1, 1996

(1996, May 1). Stramit USA Closes Down. Retrieved from