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CAFboard Compressed-Straw Panel Is Back

Using American-made waste straw for wallboard, insulation, and acoustic applications, Stramit USA has brought back CAFboard.

2021 UPDATE: The original product review is from 2013. Stramit USA no longer exists. Similar technology is still used by a Delaware-based company called greenBuilt International Building Company. We have not reviewed that company’s claims, product, or legitimacy.

Despite their promise as a durable, rapidly renewable building material that uses agricultural waste, compressed-straw boards have not taken off in the U.S. That’s not for lack of trying: counting various straw composites, EBN has covered the comings and goings of more than a dozen products over the last 20 years. The newest entrant is the second coming of CAFboard from Stramit USA, which previously shut down in 1996 after a year of production. Based in Forth Worth, Texas, the company has been producing Stramit CAFboard (“CAF” stands for compressed agricultural fiber) for the last two years and is shipping across the U.S.

Originally published April 29, 2013 Reviewed October 18, 2021

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