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A Strawboard Manufacturing Update

Ten years ago this month,

EBN ran a chart titled “Some Existing and Forthcoming Straw Panel Products.” It included a dozen listings—ten were domestic, two were from overseas. At the time, eight of the ten domestic manufacturers weren’t yet in production; the other two had suspended production, but anticipated getting rolling again. A decade later, two of those ten domestic manufacturers are in production.

Over the years,

EBN has reported on nine additional domestic strawboard manufacturers. Of those nine, five are still in operation.

In that

EBN issue ten years ago, Alex Wilson wrote, “If the building industry adopts these products there will likely be some large players getting involved,” and “Straw-based particleboard products . . . will likely lead the pack.” How have those predictions worked out? Last year, Dow BioProducts produced 100 million ft2 (9,300,000 m2) of straw-based particleboard, with a projected annual growth of 25%.

Domestic Manufacturers of Strawboard Products

Research assistance for this chart courtesy of Erwin Lloyd, biomaterials consulting engineer with BioComposite Solutions in Bellingham, WA
The following updated chart details current domestic manufacturers of strawboard products. Panel products made with a range of other agricultural fibers are not included.

RIP: Strawboard Manufacturers that have Appeared in EBN

AgriFibre Industries, Inc.; Alternative Construction Products Corp.; Basic Industry Technology, Inc.; BioFab – AltMatTec; Fiber Tech USA, Inc.; Isobord Enterprises, Inc.; Naturall Fibre Boards, LC; Prairie Forest Products, LLC; Pyramod International, Inc.; Sea Star Trading Company; Stramit USA, LLC.

Published May 1, 2005

Piepkorn, M. (2005, May 1). A Strawboard Manufacturing Update. Retrieved from

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