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Many of you will be passing through NYC on your way to the SDL Summit in Garrsion this week. I encourage you to make a pit stop at the United Nations. You’ve heard me talk about the next generation, tech transfer building systems... Read more

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BuildingGreen is considering hosting a reception and SDL Show & Tell at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019. If you are planning to attend the conference, please email me directly. Your participation will influence our decision. The newly forming Small Firm SDL peer network (firm w/less than 50 employees) will have their inaugural... Read more

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Hello Sustainable MEP Leaders!

BuildingGreen is already hard at work planning next year's MEP Summit. We are looking at venues in Denver, CO and dates in late May or early June.

In order to book a venue, we need to nail down dates soon. Please fill out this Doodle poll to let us know which of these would work for you. All of the... Read more

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We have a client thats going through a TI remodel in a building thats a LEED Core+Shell certified building. One of the questions we are trying to figure out is are there things we need to be doing to not imperil the building's certification. 

I think the answer is that the landlord had to write tenant guidelines at the time of... Read more

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Hi all,

Passing on a message from Julia Siple at AIA who is conducting a series of focus groups related to the AIA 2030 Commitment's DDx platform. You may have already received this from other channels but I thought I'd post here as well in case it got missed. They are looking for more participants in the morning and lunchtime (lunch... Read more

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For those at Islandwood for the Summer Summit this week, we have this post-Summit meeting opportunity with James Connelly and Kathleen Smith from ILFI. This is one in a series of "Living Building Leaders" meetings, at which architects who support LBC get to collaborate with ILFI on how scale up LBC adoption.

Here's the agenda for this... Read more

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Hi everyone,

As part of our monthly SDLS call yesterday, we looked through the 2020 SD Leaders Winter Summit Report. To help paint an even fuller picture of what was covered at that summit, here are slides from many of the 5-minute presentations.

As a note: we have permission from these presenters to share their slides within the... Read more

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Hi - We have some projects within reasonable reach of ILFI's Zero Carbon Certification, which will require purchasing some off-site renewable energy. As a State Building Code Council member, I'm also eyeing the Zero Code which we will seriously consider in the next 12 months; this also requires a purchase of off-site renewable energy. 

I... Read more

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Does anyone have experience pursing SITES certification on an essentially a zero-lot line project?

We are required to achieve silver certification, but the project scope/phasing recently changed and the entire site/parking area was eliminated and we no longer have a green roof. It still appears we can meet silver certification as so few... Read more

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Has anyone used a commercial heat pump water heater for a large protect?  I have found a few manufacturers for this technology, but want to make sure this is a viable and cost approach to electrical eliminate gas on a path to all electric.

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Hi Fellow Design Professionals: It would be great if you could participate in this important research on the status of professionals addressing extreme heat.



Planning for Extreme Heat Survey

Our research team from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University is studying how planning... Read more

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Recycled plastic paneling is an appropriate use for some of the various post-consumer plastic materials entering the waste stream—in particular, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from milk and detergent bottles.

BuildingGreen-Approved Panels

BuildingGreen approves plastic paneling products with high recycled content—in some cases... Read more

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Hello Sustainable Design Leaders!

Here at BuildingGreen we are excited and looking forward to creating a valuable and engaging online summit with you all for 2020!

You can Register HERE as well as review important information.

The Summit will happen throughout the week of July 13. The specific meeting times are: 

3:... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Solar Thermal Hot Water, Heating, and Cooling.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain active and passive; direct and indirect; and low-, medium-, and high-temperature solar thermal systems.
2. Distinguish between the three most... Read more


This summit was pre-approved for  6 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey question to confirm... Read more

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