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Hello all, 

Any Fitwel experts out there? I have a 30,000 sf boutique hotel + spa client who would like to certify under the Fitwel rating system but Fitwel folks are telling me that no scorecard is currently available to hotel clients (can't use mulit-tenant or resi, that a hotel scorecard is under development). Has anyone used Fitwel... Read more

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Hello to all,

Are you familiar with examples of commercial kitchens using all induction / all electric cooking, without gas or other fossil fuels?

For a dining hall for 1800 students, we are interested in precedents.



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We have several projects that are either pending ILFI Zero Carbon certification or the owner is planning to purchase offsets to cover construction emissions. Thus far, I have not considered this in our corporate footprint reporting. However, we are including A5 emissions whenever feasible and multiplying that performance over the... Read more

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Greetings Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) advocates!

We have an opportunity to advocate to the US DOE on behalf of HPWHs!

Geoff Wickes is an emerging technology product manager for NEEA (Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance) currently focused entirely on HPWH technology, policy, and market adoption (and in full disclosure: also a... Read more

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if you all have had a meetup at NESEA's Building Energy Boston conference before? Is anyone interested in meeting up this year? I'm open to ideas! If you give me your email address I can attempt to organize an informal meet up on one of the conference days.

For those of you not in the NE part of the country,... Read more

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Hi All!

One of our project teams is looking for some references for solar panel installation around Silver Spring, MD / DC area. Does anyone have recommendations or references for commercial installers of solar panel systems? Feel free to email me directly!



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I'm working with a project team that is looking into bird control options to prevent nesting/roosting/pooping on the scrim that is designed to scrim their building's facade.  They are looking at electrified tape, repellents, laser systems, etc -- Options that don't dramatically impact the building design.  The products they're looking at claim... Read more

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Dana Manafarm


Welcome to the quiz portion of Integrated Design Meets the Real World.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Define the integrated design process and describe what makes it different from the conventional design process.
2. Describe the charrette process and list... Read more

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People tracking pollutants and dirt into buildings can cause indoor environmental quality (IEQ) problems, increase maintenance costs, and reduce the life of the floor. When they track rain and snow on hard surfaces, it increases the risk of personal injury due to slips and falls.

BuildingGreen-Approved Track-Off Systems

BuildingGreen... Read more


We think fresh water supplies are endless, but this idealistic vision is clouded by the smoke of countless forest fires in the U.S. West and elsewhere. Instead of endless bounty, climate change is bringing us catastrophic droughts and flooding that now dominate the headlines and threaten entire regions.

This report covers innovative... Read more

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Hi everyone - in doing a carbon footprint for our firm, does anyone know if buildings that we design as Architects considered scope 3 emissions, or are they beyond the boundary of emissions? LMN's buildings, despite best efforts, are cumulatively multiple orders of magnitude above our scope 1 and 2 emissions. We have never included these... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the information and invitation to complete the SCL Demographics Survey! If you have multiple company colleagues on this forum (you can check in the group list here click "Group members" tab), please coordinate to have only one of you submit survey responses.

If you would you like to gather your answers... Read more

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I'm looking to compile an outdoor weather station for a local project, and we'd like to add local outdoor CO2 information to our data. I usually work with Onset HOBO products, but they don't offer an outdoor CO2 sensor. Their weather stations can take data from any CO2 sensor with an analog output - does anyone have any suggestions?

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They do, seriously.  They are fine people with tons of information, and without them, all of us Architects would be, well, out of luck.

So, we first want to say THANK YOU to all of our contractor friends who took part in our Contractor Coffee Talk on Tuesday. THAT WAS AWESOME!

We learned things like:

It is easier to divert... Read more