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Does anyone share the same feeling of stagnation? We are supposed to hit 80% pEUI reduction now and working towards 90% mark, but I don’t see it happening for majority of our projects, even the “right” ones that we implemented integrative design process & iterative energy modeling. I am wondering whether anyone would be willing to share... Read more

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Hi All -

I'm wondering if any of our SDL people have a project case study on designing for deconstruction that they'd like to present on? I know there are a lot of conversations that we should be designing for deconstruction but has anyone done a focused project?  Thank you for any input you might have.

Credit - Rating System Correction

In the sixth line of the first paragraph, replace the text "(see MR Credit 2)" with "(see MR Credits 2.1 and 2.2)"


This summit was pre-approved for 3.5 AIA LUs and 3.5 GBCI CE hours.

Please complete the survey questions to confirm your attendance and receive your CEUs.

By providing your credential numbers in your profile, you will enable us to automatically report these CEUs to the organization. Please check your profile to be sure your... Read more

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Happy 2021 Green Gurus,

BuildingGreen has some New Years news to share with you all!

Announcing an addition to the Peer Networks family, we are excited to be launching the Sustainable Community Design Leaders (SCDL) Peer Network!

The SCLD peers are planners, architects, landscape architects, and other professionals at... Read more

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Remove the heading "CASE 1. All Projects"

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Edit the first sentence of the requirements to read as "Measure all of the Quality of Life parameters below for a minimum period of the most recent calendar year within the past five years.

Replace "per capita" with "per 100,000 population" in the third bullet under item 4. Health and Safety

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Hello Sustainable Construction Leaders!

Here at BuildingGreen we are excited and looking forward to creating a valuable and engaging online summit with you all for 2020! In addition to going online, this year we have shifted the dates so that the SCL Summit will occur within weeks of all other Peer Network Summits. This allows us to host... Read more

Product Guide

CEUs are available for reading our entire plumbing guide. Click here to learn more and take the quiz.

Conventional water heaters use fossil fuels or electrical resistance and have serious efficiency limitations.

BuildingGreen-Approved Water Heaters

BuildingGreen approves heat-pump water heaters certified by Energy Star,... Read more

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My name is Boyd and I’m the newest member of the BuildingGreen Peer Networks team. I’m joining BG after a long line of jobs in the service industry. I’ve worked everywhere from breweries to adventure sports companies and I’ve loved every job along the way. I was drawn to BG because of my history of meeting people and fostering connections and... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Solar Thermal Hot Water, Heating, and Cooling.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Explain active and passive; direct and indirect; and low-, medium-, and high-temperature solar thermal systems.
2. Distinguish between the three most... Read more

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Hello, All, Is anyone familiar with One Click LCA software and resources?  Similarities/differences from a Tally or Athena approach?  Many thanks!

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Replace the text "the building shell, classroom partitions and other core learning space partitions" with "classrooms and other core learning spaces" so that the first sentence reads, "Design classrooms and other core learning spaces to meet the Sound Transmission Class (STC) requirements of ANSI Standard S12.60-2002, Acoustical Performance... Read more

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