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Hi Folks,

I mentor startups in the clean tech space and there are a number of cool new things coming to market. I am looking to gather names of interested people who want to get the opportunity to take a look at these cool new things and give some feedback and even - if stars align - pilot and test some of these new technologies (given... Read more

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I have to admit that I wasn't particularly paying attention to LEED during Greenbuild, but anyone recall the "big announcement by USGBC" that LEED v4.1 is coming?

Article can be found @ Green Building Law Update by Stuart Kaplow and the title is "LEED v4.1 Announced by USGBC at Greenbuild." Read more

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Hi all - I’m wondering if any of you have heard of or use the National Green Building Standard, which appears to be primarily for residential and mixed use:

The NGBS Green certification program is based on the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard and supposedly is the program of choice for many... Read more

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In case you need a good inspirational cry today:

Really and truly, it's stuff like this that lets me know we're going to be okay.


Product Guide

Churn and renovations can disrupt occupants, release or introduce indoor pollutants, and increase the embodied footprint of a building.

BuildingGreen-Approved Partitions

Movable partition systems allow spaces to be easily reconfigured, reducing costs and environmental impact. BuildingGreen approves partitions and panels that have:

... Read more

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Hello everyone,

For those I have yet to meet, I'm Candace Pearson. I've recently rejoined BuildingGreen after a brief interlude at law school and am now getting back into the swing of things with editorial, consulting, and peer networks. 

We had a great turn out at this year's Show and Tell before Greenbuild and all of the... Read more

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from the Tortured by Randomness Department:

Y'all ... I was recently reminded (by Bill Reed) about a lovely quote ... and I'm keen to use it in a talk upcoming ... 

Here it is:
Place is a doorway into caring. Love of place unleashes the personal and political will needed to make profound change. It can also unite people... Read more

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Hello everyone! 

A small subgroup SCL members have been working on writing a response the presentation Wes Sullens gave us at the Summit this past winter. It's been a long process but the letter and all it's reccomendations are drafted and ready to present. The group felt it prudent to post the response here first for a short public... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

On September 9th a regional cross-network group gathered for the first in-person Peer Networks event since the beginning of the pandemic. All Peer Networks were represented at this Boston Region Mini-Summit! With this first one in the books, BuildingGreen is hopeful for paving the way to future regional events across the... Read more


RoseAnn’s role at BuildingGreen as Peer Networks Manager focuses on Peer Networks projects and planning events, including annual Peer Network Summits. 

Prior to BuildingGreen, RoseAnn worked in the nonprofit sector in customer-service based roles which allowed her to reconnect with her local community soon after earning her... Read more

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Tomorrow is my last day at FXCollaborative before I head back to school. It has been such a gift to engage with you all over the past 10 years. Please stay in touch - my contact information is I am headed out to UBC next week to do a deep dive into resilience and adaptation in urban environments.

FXCollaborative... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the 2019 SCL Demographics Report, thank you to everyone who submitted responses. Enjoy!

The SCL Salary Survey Report will be coming next and please note that the Salary Survey is only distributed to those who participated.

All the best,


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Blast from the past when 179D first hit the scenes.

Are any of you still using this and if so, has it been easy, successful, worthwhile etc

and Happy New Year !

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Hi All,

The SMEPL's Embodied Carbon committee has been hard at work developing a letter that calls for MEP equipment vendors to increase material transparency in their products.  As a way of contacting the most widely-used vendors first, we're asking each of you to enter your "Top 3" specified vendors for each of the products listed in... Read more


Welcome to the quiz portion of Choosing Insulation: Health and Environmental Considerations – Unit 1.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:


1. Discuss how insulation works.
2. Summarize how insulation performance is measured and reported.
3. Recount the wide... Read more